Vehicle Damaged? No

Fuel Level Adjusted? No

Missing Items? No

Event: Sema

F/E Yes

B/E Yes

VIN - JTJKM7BX3N5320341
Ext Color: Purple
Odometer - 1766
Stock# 1
Model: GX
Body Style: 4 Door Sport Utility
F/E Fuel Level: Empty
# Keys: 5
B/E Fuel Level: Empty
# Fobs: 1

Added or Removed Items

Antenna: Remained
Floor Matts - Carpet: N/A-Arrived w/o
Floor Matts - Rubber: Remained
Knobs: Remained
Shift Knob: Removed
Owners Manual: Removed
Cup Holder Inserts: Removed
Headphones: N/A-Arrived w/o
DVD Remote: N/A-Arrived w/o
SD Nav Card: N/A-Arrived w/o
Charge Cord: N/A-Arrived w/o
Front License Bracket: N/A-Arrived w/o
Bed Liner: No
Spare Tire: Remained
Tire Jack: Remained
Loose Tools, Hook: Remained
First Aid Kit: N/A-Arrived w/o
Air Compressor: N/A-Arrived w/o
Tow Hitch Cap: N/A-Arrived w/o
Cargo Shade: N/A-Arrived w/o
Cargo Net: N/A-Arrived w/o
Cargo Management System: Remained
Cargo Mat Carpet: N/A-Arrived w/o
Cargo Mat Rubber: N/A-Arrived w/o
Items Bagged/Stored Pre-Show: Yes
Item Bag Replaced: N/A
Added/Removed Items Notes: Removed extra items, tent cover and bra to cups two sporks, two plates, cutting board, two chicken and dumplings, air compressor, toolbox, air compressor hose, four small orange Lexus cups one large Lexus mug one orange airscape mug, small black Lexus cop, copy spoon,Colema propane burner and green box, Coleman propane tank, snatch block, two straps orange, Green toe strap, purple toe strap, orange toe strap extension cord toe hooks, heat pad, propane tank small. cell phone for dash mount.

Installed Uplift Items

Tent on top of vehicle, two silver boxes on top of vehicle. Two snow shoes on top of vehicle.

Missing Uplift Items


Additional Comments:

None. Pictures taken of all accessories removed
Inspection Date: 10-31-2022
ShowFleet Inspector: Mike Boesch
Person receiving vehicle- Inspect vehicle before accepting possession. Take picture of any additional damage found and note damage and any additional missing items not captured on this form.
Vehicle Received by (Print Name): Date Received: