Vehicle Damaged? Yes

Fuel Level Adjusted? No

Missing Items? No

Event: Bmw ude

F/E Yes

B/E Yes

VIN - 12345678
Ext Color: Blue
Odometer - 100
Stock# 12345
Model: 5 Series
Body Style: 2 Door Sport Utility
F/E Fuel Level: 1/8
# Keys: 2
B/E Fuel Level: 1/8
# Fobs: 2

Added or Removed Items

Antenna: N/A-Arrived w/o
Floor Matts - Carpet: Removed
Floor Matts - Rubber: Removed
Knobs: Remained
Shift Knob: Removed
Owners Manual: Removed
Cup Holder Inserts: Removed
Headphones: Removed
# of HEADPHONES removed: 2
DVD Remote: Removed
SD Nav Card: Removed
Charge Cord: Removed
Front License Bracket: Removed
Bed Liner: No
Spare Tire: Remained
Tire Jack: Removed
Loose Tools, Hook: Removed
First Aid Kit: Removed
Air Compressor: Removed
Tow Hitch Cap: Removed
Cargo Shade: Removed
Cargo Net: Removed
Cargo Management System: Removed
Cargo Mat Carpet: N/A-Arrived w/o
Cargo Mat Rubber: Removed
Items Bagged/Stored Pre-Show: Yes
Item Bag Replaced: Yes
Added/Removed Items Notes: Car cover

Installed Uplift Items


Missing Uplift Items


Additional Comments:


Damage Photos

Damage Area


Blue 2021 BMW 5 Series Door LR Damage in Orange CA
Door LR Damage

Over 3" /up to and including 6"

Inspection Date: 05-18-2021
ShowFleet Inspector: Rick Evans
Person receiving vehicle- Inspect vehicle before accepting possession. Take picture of any additional damage found and note damage and any additional missing items not captured on this form.
Vehicle Received by (Print Name): Date Received: